A Dollar Each by Nicole Monaghan
3:38 PM | Author: Glen Binger
A Dollar Each by Nicole Monaghan

I danced as though the hundreds of people in the darkness weren’t there, encouraged by the two cartoon voices in the audience: “Go, Mommy!” They loved and supported me, were maybe even proud of my bravery. Hours later, picking sequins off my arm, I found out my husband bribed them.

Nicole Monaghan recently received First Prize Honors at the 62nd Annual Philadelphia Writers' Conference for Flash Fiction, Literary Short Story, and Creative Nonfiction and blogs at http://writenic.wordpress.com. She thinks writing 50 word pieces would be troublesome without the Microsoft Word "word count" function.
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On 2/7/11, 1:04 AM , Kari said...

I love this piece--as I do your other work, Nicole--and I would be remiss not to tell you that I return to it often. Like all the great work I read, it makes me feel insignificant as a writer.

On 9/30/11, 8:56 PM , Stefanie said...

The detail in this piece is wonderful. Excellent work.