Replaced With Superseded by John Brooke
11:43 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Replaced With Superseded by John Brooke

“You,” the gang boss threatened his trusted lieutenant, “can be replaced.”
“That’s bad grammar.” countered Spike.
“What do you mean, stupid?”
“Replace a stupid me with a stupid me? Correct word is supersede; exchange an outmoded article with an advanced one.” Then Spike shot his obsolete boss dead.

John Brooke, an expatriate Canadian living by the Sea of Cortez in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Formerly an advertising scribbler, now a writer of poetry, flash fiction, novels and screenplays.
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On 9/30/10, 5:44 PM , Anonymous said...

Ah, John.
Grammarians everywhere are cheering you on. Nice flash, in a super small skillet.