Why Sharing Sucks by Tess Almendarez Lojacono
1:37 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Why Sharing Sucks by Tess Almendarez Lojacono

She swayed closer, her finger in my face. "Everybody doesn't do it; you are wasting tons of money and it does make you look like a slut!"
I smiled at her glass. She forgot the rolled bill was hers.

Tess Almendarez Lojacono, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, is a writer, business owner, teacher, and editor but-always a writer first. She edits a column for International Family Magazine and has been published in print and online including Etchings Magazine and others. Her first novel, Milagros, will be published in December 2010, by Laughing Cactus Press.
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