Jasmine was THE BEST by Shannon Peil
12:50 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Jasmine was THE BEST by Shannon Peil

When I was ten, I smoked a lot of tea; I'm not sure why we did it, or who even
came up with the idea - but something about smoking Celestial Seasonings out of
crudely constructed joints was the perfect end to a hard day of homework and

Shannon Peil lives and writes in Boulder, CO. His work has appeared in a few
dozen e-publications and a few times in print, but most notably he edits the
e-lit mag amphibi.us. He also occasionally fights crime.
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On 11/8/10, 5:07 PM , Eirik Gumeny said...

Ha. I thought my friends and I were the only ones who did that.