Sun and Care A.L.F. by Sander Blome
1:21 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Sun and Care A.L.F. by Sander Blome

The monitor light disturbs my sleeping roommate. Growling under
his breath, he dislikes my hours, my computer, and my sedentary
lifestyle. I have adjusted. I’ve lived in this Assisted Living
Facility for the mentally ill three years to his three months.
He’ll adjust if he accepts he has an illness.

Sander Blome (b. 1956), B.S.M.E., J.D., writes about inner thought and the complexities of making life decisions. Born in Baltimore, Md and raised in Toledo, Oh, Sander has made SW Florida his home for the past 23 years. Sander’s poetry appears or will appear soon online in The Van Gogh Complex, The Houston Literary Review,, Abandoned Towers, and in print in The Toucan Magazine. “Sun and Care A.L.F.“ is Sander’s first piece of fiction. Presently he studies the liberal arts at State College of Florida.
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