Celibacy by Avery Oslo
1:49 PM | Author: Glen Binger
Celibacy by Avery Oslo

Sharon’s first boyfriend looked like the dude from the Big Lebowski. In retrospect, that should have taught her everything she needed to know about herself, but of course she did not learn.

A Donnie Darko, Fred Flintsone, and Brian Cohen later, Sharon is still none the wiser.

Avery Oslo's work appears in places like Aurora Wolf’s New Fairy Tales Anthology, the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Alice Magazine, and Sex and Murder. A habitual nomad, Oslo is currently living in the Netherlands working on two novels and several short stories. Follow Oslo on Twitter (http://twitter.com/AveryOslo) or check out his blog (http://averyoslo.wordpress.com).
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