1st Line by Ethan Swage
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1st Line by Ethan Swage

Seconds before his thrashing began, Raymond inadvertently heightened his culpability by explaining: “She stuck her finger through the hole and poked me in the eye before her friends even had a chance to drop their towels, so if you think about it, who’s really in the wrong here?”

Ethan Swage is a New Jersey–based writer, artist, and photographer whose work has appeared in Flashshot, Eclectic Flash, Blink/Ink, Staccato Fiction, The Legendary, The Linnet’s Wings, Liquid Imagination, DiddleDog, Flashes In The Dark, Everyday Weirdness, Six Sentences and 50 to 1.
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On 4/17/11, 2:37 PM , Simone said...

I love this line!