Rude by Robert Vaughan
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Rude by Robert Vaughan

Her monologue wasn't entirely over but the audience was getting up, applauding. The standing ovation was caused by an old Jewish couple who had to get to St. Luke's. Their daughter had delivered their grandchild, a boy, prematurely. Stillborn. The actress later told friends, they were rude, just walked out.

Robert Vaughan’s plays have been produced in N.Y.C., L.A., S.F. and Milwaukee, where he resides. His prose and poetry is published in over 125 literary journals. He is a fiction editor at JMWW magazine, and flash editor at Thunderclap! Press. Also the editor of Flash Fiction Fridays for WUWM. His blog:
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On 3/20/11, 1:15 AM , Gay Degani said...

Nice to be in an issue with you! Gay

On 3/20/11, 9:41 AM , Anonymous said...

You too, Gay! Thanks for your sentiments!

On 3/21/11, 2:14 PM , Thunderclap Magazine said...

Nice one, Robert! Great tension in so few words.

On 3/21/11, 4:49 PM , susan tepper said...

You wrote about the roots of terror so simply here, Rob. Yet the impact was startling