A For Effort by Jamie Loftus
9:51 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
A For Effort by Jamie Loftus

She was the kind of beauty that implied excess work - the gadgets and lotions and starvation kind of beauty that hung there, and not because of anything God-given. The kind of beauty that one had to notice if only to say, “she’s really trying.”

Jamie Loftus is taller than the average man, but is not a man and, debatably, not average. She has a history of nasal congestion, and is generally referred to by people ten or more years older than her as "a good kid". If anyone has seen her iPod, please let her know.
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On 4/4/11, 1:52 PM , Anonymous said...

If Jamie Loftus took 2 or 3 words out of her bio -- and changed the name -- that might be worthy of 50 to 1 consideration, too.