Swan Song by S.G. Rogers
8:39 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Swan Song by S.G. Rogers

The man gloated at the crossword puzzle he’d found in the back of the in-flight magazine. He had spent the last three and a half hours answering each clue, in ink. It had been slow and methodical work, but he had triumphed at last.

And then the fracking plane crashed.

S.G. Rogers is a freelance writer based in Savannah, Georgia. In a former life she was a lawyer and an actress. She is the author of the novel Jon Hansen and the Dragon Clan of Yden. To find out more about S.G. Rogers, go to www.childofyden.com.
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On 4/27/11, 9:15 PM , Anonymous said...

I guess, it's just one of those days!