1st Line by William D. Hicks
7:15 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
1st Line by William D. Hicks

I stared at the window and screamed “Don’t jump” before I realized it was me who was about to kiss the ground.

William D. Hicks lives in Chicago by himself (any offers?). Contrary to popular belief, he is not related to the famous comedian Bill Hicks (though he’s just as funny in his own right). Hicks will someday publish his memoirs, but they will be about Bill Hicks’ life. His poetry appears in LITSNACK, Cannoli Pie, Outburst, The Legendary, Horizon (Canada), The Short Humour Site (UK), The Four Cornered Universe, Save the Last Stall for Me and Mosaic.
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On 7/30/11, 8:40 AM , LizHaigh said...

I wonder what happpens next? Could be a very short novel ;)