A Hospice Without Windows by Samantha Hall
5:19 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
A Hospice Without Windows by Samantha Hall

Mark a human’s passage from day to night with an absence of light. Take initiative, and make the decision to imitate celestial bodies. Become a God. Before Death does his only work, ask yourself: is pretense good enough? Your job depends on your ability to switch between nightlights and overhead.

Samantha Hall currently studies at Ohio University, where she goes out often but writes more. She hopes someday to put her trivial knowledge to work and win an episode of Jeopardy! She’d like you to visit her blog at http://sammihall.wordpress.com/.
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On 8/27/11, 7:31 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, this was great. Well done Claire Leechman.

On 8/29/11, 10:50 AM , Unknown said...

This is very interesting work.

On 9/15/11, 9:55 PM , Anonymous said...