Justice by Alexander J. Allison
9:01 AM | Author: Paul Mullin
Justice by Alexander J. Allison

"The jury are ready, Your Honour."

"Stand and present the verdict."

"In the case of 'Finders' vs. 'Losers,' the court finds the defendant a keeper and the prosecution a weeper."

"The court will be adjourned for a ten minute recess. I hereby rule that the monkey-bars are mine."

Alexander J. Allison is published widely in print and online, most recently including work in Kill Author, Metazen, Pangur Ban Party and Willow Springs. He can be contacted through Facebook.
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On 8/12/11, 11:58 PM , Unknown said...

Well this is quirky and Congressionally accurate.

On 8/13/11, 11:26 AM , Anonymous said...

hehe. thank you.