1st Line by Danica Green
4:38 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
1st Line by Danica Green

I spent the morning drinking Irish coffee out of my AA mug, trying to figure out whether it was ironic or apt.

Danica Green is a UK-based writer who lives in an attic and concussed herself on a beam earlier today. Also, the end of the 50 to 1 guidelines advised her to go outside, which she did, and got wet. Her work has appeared at 3AM Magazine and PANK and is scheduled to appear at Smokelong Quarterly, Eclectic Flash and Short, Fast and Deadly. Occasionally she does things here (http://danicagreen.webs.com/) and it's very exciting.
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On 9/13/11, 5:42 PM , Unknown said...

Nice, succinct piece that illuminates more than it describes.