Fat Fish by KJ Hannah Greenberg
4:38 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Fat Fish by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Lambert wished for fat fish every morning of his turn babysitting. Herpacia, however, not only meant to stay abroad, hunting deep waters and surfing, but had, as well, sent notice; she wouldn’t be returning. The zoo had space. Alone in their nest, the new father played polo with the egg.

In another lifetime, KJ Hannah Greenberg taught Feminist Sociology at Rider University. These days, she makes up stories. Look for Don't Pet the Sweaty Things, a compilation of seventy of Hannah's brief fictions, Bards and Sages Publishing, Mar. 2012.
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On 9/13/11, 5:45 PM , Unknown said...

A little obscure for me, but an interesting read nonetheless.