Sleep Aide by Sander Blome
5:54 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Sleep Aide by Sander Blome

Kathy, SunGate’s shapely housemother, finally responds to Will's advances. “Sneak into my bedroom after meds.” Sting croons “Message in a Bottle,” Kathy coos, “Just cuddle” and Will reaches underneath Kathy’s nightgown.

“Out!” Kathy yelps. Right then, Restoril’s dazing effect grips Kathy’s bedmate.

At breakfast, Kathy tests Will’s befogged memory. “Rested?"

Sander Blome denies life as a bipolar twice a day when he medicates. Now a British and American Literature major at University of South Florida, he is at work on a first book of poetry.
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