Thank-You Letter by Edward Garza
5:54 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Thank-You Letter by Edward Garza

Dear family members and friends,

Thank you all for your kind wishes concerning the health of my beloved wife, Mabel. As I now know, my Mabel caught a bad case of the syphilis. So as for news, sadly, there ain't much to offer - she is still dead.


Orville McLean

Edward Garza lives in Houston, which he asserts is a captivating city, if you know what you’re doing. He works as a consultant at the University of Houston’s Writing Center and is a staff writer for the magazine Stryve. He enjoys Houston’s winters, mixing iced tea with lemonade to make an Arnold Palmer, and running, one of his favorite addictions. Additional work can be found in The Aletheia.
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On 11/7/11, 8:19 AM , Unknown said...

Made me snort. Thanks.