Mr. Starks by Mary Ann Back
1:36 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Mr. Starks by Mary Ann Back

Mr. Starks is unnerving. His smile is taut when he comes to call. His eyes, black and merciless, mask an insatiable hunger.

I catch my reflection in the mirror and see that he has returned. Trepidation is gone. It’s time for our midnight stroll – and time for us to feed.

Mary Ann Back, of Mason, Ohio, was awarded the 2009 Bilbo Award for creative writing by Thomas More College. Her writing has appeared in many publications, including: Short Story America, Every Day Fiction, Bete Noir, Eclectic Flash, The Loyalhanna Review, Flashes in the Dark and Flash Shot.
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On 12/3/11, 3:29 PM , John C. Mannone said...

Good one, Mary Ann.

Who said vampires are out of vogue!

I like the name, Stark, too. It doubles up on the characterization, but has that subliminal spookiness because it rhymes with the "dark" mood and the nighttime feeding.


On 12/3/11, 3:39 PM , Kyle Hemmings said...

Love the name, Stark, and the spookiness of this piece. Great!

On 12/3/11, 4:54 PM , no said...

The understatement works very well!

On 12/3/11, 8:33 PM , Anonymous said...

Great job, Mary Ann!!!


On 12/3/11, 10:02 PM , Mary Ann said...

Thanks John, Kyle, Elyse, and Bernardo for getting to know Mr. Starks a little better. And thanks for your comments, Mary Ann

On 12/4/11, 1:16 AM , Unknown said...

Interesting. I agree with the other comments.

On 1/3/12, 3:06 PM , Chris Rhatigan said...

Nicely done.