Self Interview, Part 13 by Benjameno Ĉarlo Kraŭs

So if everyone’s on drugs, when do you know your use has become a problem?

When you find yourself cutting open the mesh gym shorts whose pockets held the fifty gram bag you went through, in order to get at the previously-unattainable bits that were stuck between the folds.

Benjameno Ĉarlo Kraŭs is a poet, polyglot, editor of two journals, publisher of Diamond Point Press, founding member of Poems Without Borders, web designer, nonfiction writer, essayist, literary critic, literary translator, and inventor of the poetry form quincouplet. People often ask him how he manages to do so many projects at once.
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On 2/1/14, 1:52 PM , Anonymous said...

Others just say, WTF? and recommend therapy-- hormonal, psycho, whatever works to pop your bubble of self delusion.

On 2/6/14, 2:08 PM , Anonymous said...
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On 2/6/14, 2:17 PM , Anonymous said...

Whoever you are, I must have said or done something that hurt you in order for you to track me down like this. How can I help you?