Juicy by Andrew Stancek
10:01 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Juicy by Andrew Stancek

Eve stretched, plucked the radiant apple off the high branch and bit. Tart juice oozed down her chin, lingered, rolled down one breast. She bit again. She glanced at her sleeping companion and his snake. She shook him, thrust the apple into his hand. “Eat.” She realized they were naked.

Some of Andrew Stancek's recent fiction appeared in Pure Slush, A Twist of Noir, Right Hand Pointing, Prime Number Magazine, Istanbul Literary Review and others. THIS Literary Magazine nominated him for a Pushcart Prize.
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On 1/8/12, 2:23 PM , Stephen Ramey said...

This is very cool.

On 1/8/12, 2:27 PM , Andrew said...

Thanks, Stephen. I am honored to be complimented by you.

On 1/8/12, 5:07 PM , John C. Mannone said...

I just love Adam & Eve poetry and microfiction, and your piece is no exception.

On 1/10/12, 10:13 AM , owenswain said...

Clever indeed. Well done. One could quibble theologically but even so it's great flash-fiction.