Thanks A Lot by KC Kovacs
10:01 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
Thanks A Lot by KC Kovacs

Oatmeal stuck to the inside of the bowl like dried cement, resistant even to the Brillo pad she expertly wielded. The metal scraped and squealed as she dragged it along the bottom curves. Her glance moved to the remaining pile of dishes. One more thing he was never good for.

KC Kovacs wanders the universe, trying to remain as anonymous as possible. You probably don't know her, even though you think you do.
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On 2/24/12, 3:47 PM , Unknown said...

Hey, K.C., if you want to remain anonymous you shouldn't write such engaging stories. Niice. Congratulations.

On 2/23/13, 11:26 AM , e.j. fuhr. said...

great draw on time..