What's Next by Gay Degani
11:23 AM | Author: Glen Binger
What's Next by Gay Degani

A disciple of Mensa, I make a habit of genius. It’s not easy; I’m not that smart. But my finger’s on the pulse of knowledge. This single-mindedness isolates me in a tiny cell where my body, brain, and motherboard fuse into a solitary organism, a monad, looking for valence 2.

Gay Degani has published on-line at Smokelong Quarterly, Night Train, and Every Day Fiction as well as others. She never wears socks.
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On 3/22/10, 5:38 PM , Anonymous said...

That was SWEET!! Better than I could do. Awesome! :-)


On 3/23/10, 10:49 AM , Gay Degani said...

YOU are sweet. Thanks for reading. Love ya JAM

On 3/23/10, 5:03 PM , Kevin Shamel said...

Awesome, weird, great, magical. It took me somewhere else, real quick. Nice one, Gay.

On 3/24/10, 9:03 PM , Aaron Polson said...

So few words...wonderful. Thanks for the link, Gay.

On 3/25/10, 4:38 PM , Kathleen A. Ryan said...

Nicely done, Gay! Well told in 50 words.