Broke and Broken by Gay Degani
11:25 AM | Author: Glen Binger
Broke and Broken by Gay Degani

One hundred insipid grins from one hundred Cabbage Patch dolls mocked her. They’d emptied her bank account, invaded her house, sucked the marrow from her bones. In the maroon shadows of her darkened bedroom, she caught glints of their pinwheel eyes, and dared not leave the haven of her quilt.

Gay Degani has published in journals and anthologies including The Best of Every Day Fiction TWO (2009). Her stories online can be read at Smokelong Quarterly, Night Train, 10 Flash, Emprise Review, as well as other publications. Pomegranate Stories is a collection of eight stories by Gay. She is the editor of EDF’s Flash Fiction Chronicles and blogs at Words in Place.
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On 5/11/10, 12:52 PM , Deborah Walker said...

I know that feeling. Cabbage Patch creepy. Excellent.

On 5/12/10, 4:23 AM , Liz Haigh said...

Ha! Clever, funny with a hint of darkness.

Nice work Gay!