You, Eternally Memorialized by C.A. Cole
7:24 PM | Author: Paul Mullin
You, Eternally Memorialized by C.A. Cole

I’m writing a love flash, a poem without line breaks, hummed to the B-52’s, love flash, love flash, short, like the time we spent together. If you’d stayed, it’d be a short story, maybe a novel, but since you weren’t capable of sustained attention, a flash is all you get.

C.A. Cole seems to pare her writing down and down and down, and then it gets published. The above was once a novel.
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On 2/24/12, 3:50 PM , Unknown said...

This is terrific. You pack much story into so few words. Will gladly seek you out again.

On 4/19/12, 5:03 PM , Bint Arab said...

Yeah, I think so too: very good. Better as a flash like this than as a novel. Keep your paring knife sharp!


On 9/4/15, 5:18 PM , Anonymous said...

Just saw these comments. Thanks!